Inball Valves

Inbal Valves

embody a breakthrough in the conceptual design of automatic water control valves. Developed from basic principles, they are free of limitations imposed by the human hand, which characterize conventional control valves such as clapper or diaphragm actuated types.
The major concept that led to the development of the Inbal Valve is the N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts), a significant feature in fire protection systems where reliable operation is considered the first criterion in selecting equipment, particularly control valves

The Inbal Automatic Control Valve comprises only a few parts


inball valve deluge valve

Deluge Valve

inball valve standby
The inlet pressure is applied to the control chamber. The equilibrium in pressure and forces on the sleev maintain the valve in a closed position.

inball valve pressure regulating valve
Pressure Regulating Valve
The inball Valve is used for regulating upstream or downstream pressure. The pressure is controlled precisely to a preset level irrespective of changes in the supply pressure or water consumption.

inball valve pressure control deluge valve pneumatic actuator

The Inball is fully equipped with all necessary pilots for the pneumatic actuation and the pressure control.